Mason Pugh from Reptile Zone in Bristol handles an albino Burmese Python
Man Almost Strangled By Python Whilst Posing For Selfie Getty Images | Matt Cardy

A zookeeper had a close brush with a giant python that lunged at him after trying to collect its eggs. Jay Brewer, a California resident who owns The Reptile Zoo was retrieving the giant python’s eggs because they were at risk of getting rotten. Having been caught off his guard, the “crazy” scare could have nearly left him severely injured.

Brewer posted the nerve-racking encounter on his Instagram account which shows the reptile darting towards his face with exposed fangs as it tries to defend itself and protect her eggs.

The zoo owner proceeds to duck and dive out of the oncoming agitated python which he narrowly escapes several times by a whisker. As he looks back he tells the camera that he doesn’t normally get nervous, but he was reeling with nerves during the entire procedure.

The video shows Brewer explaining the rudiments of reptile wrangling and how he intends to remove the few eggs from the grumpy python while being assisted by his daughter. The python angrily lunges at the zookeeper multiple times when Brewer let’s his guard down, but his skills always kept him from harm's way.

After posting his video online, he clarified why the entire situation was necessary despite having to deal with an agitated reptile. He explains that although the grumpy reptile’s energy was hostile, this was more of a protective instinct of a mother. Saving the good eggs is necessary to ensure healthy hatched babies.

The zookeeper and his daughter were able to retrieve a total of 27 good eggs.

Pythons aren't venomous but they are incredibly strong and when they attack they strike with a force that can be deadly - and which is known to have been the cause death of many humans. These reptiles are ambush hunters and wait until their prey comes close before mounting an attack, making stark and sudden movements.

Writing on his Instagram page, he said: "When I say this snake is grumpy, I mean she's grumpy! This is one of the craziest clutches I've pulled in a long time."

The video drew in thousands of likes and comments from viewers who were left in awe by the jaw dropping scenes of the brave zookeeper. Brewer’s footage was viewed 740,788 times as of this writing.

Florida Pythons
Pythons were captured, dead or alive, during the "Python Challenge" this weekend in Florida. Reuters

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