Death in Grupo Firme
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Grupo Firme and its leader, Eduin Caz, have expressed their devastation over the unexpected passing of an important member of the Mexican music band. The group, along with their music company, Music Vip, has declared a period of mourning as they come to terms with this loss.

The artists and their executives revealed the passing this weekend of José Iván Zazueta Chavarini, affectionately known as 'Boni,' who was considered a vital member of the touring team.

Boni managed one of the trucks that carried the essential sound and stage equipment for the group's performances. His death occurred just hours before a scheduled concert in Tapachula, casting a shadow of mourning over the band and their fans.

Grupo Firme's sorrow

In a heartfelt message shared on their official X account, Grupo Firme expressed their sorrow: "Dear friend, you have left us too soon. Thank you for the light of your smile and for joining us on this journey."

Boni, 58, was found in his hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express near the stadium where the night's performance was set to take place. The local police cited the cause of death as the consequence of a cardiorespiratory arrest.

The death was reported to the authorities "around 15:30 hours," and paramedics from the Auxiliary Emergency Services "confirmed that the person had no vital signs." The body was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service, which upon examination did not show any injuries.

Looking ahead, Grupo Firme remains committed to their 2024 tour schedule, dubbed "La Última Peda Tour." The tour promises to bring the band's unique blend of música regional mexicana with Pacific Norteño, Banda, and Norteño-Banda, sub genres of Latin music to audiences across the United States, Mexico, and Europe​.

Right now, they have a little time to heal. The next date is on Friday, May 10th, in San Antonio's Frost Bank Center.

This loss comes after a turbulent period for Grupo Firme, marked recently by the temporary retirement of their lead singer, Eduin Caz. Caz's departure from the stage earlier this year was prompted by a severe health crisis, including a cancer scare and mental health struggles, which led him to take a break to focus on his recovery​.

However, in a turn of resilience, Caz returned to the group after a four-month hiatus, apologizing to his bandmates and fans for the abrupt departure and signaling his readiness to resume performances​

Grupo Firme's new music

This week Grupo Firme is featured in Mexican super star Thalía's new song "Te va a doler." The track is part of the Mexican super star's new album "A Mucha Honra."

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