For the loyal fans of the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise, there are a handful of truly unforgettable characters from previous games in the series. What if there was a way to bring them back in a special "GTA 5" DLC

According to "GTA 5" tipster and YouTuber MrBossFTW, a recently discovered Easter egg in "GTA 5" gives a subtle hat tip to Tony Prince and Luis Lopez. Prince and Lopez are two of the main characters of the classic "Ballad of Gay Tony" DLC.

A gameplay video recently uploaded on YouTube demonstrates where exactly the Easter egg lies. Enter into the bedroom that belongs to Michael's son, Jimmy De Santa. Walk towards the wall-mounted TV and you will find a bunch of magazines below. On the cover of one of the magazines is a photo of Luis Lopez and a title that reads "Residue." Gay Tony Prince's night club is also mentioned on the magazine.

SPOILER ALERT! However, did Rockstar plant a Gay Tony and Luis Lopez Easter egg in "GTA 5" for a reason? For the fans the played "The Ballad of Gay Tony" DLC, they will remember the story revolving Tony Prince, the Night Club owner, and Luis Lopez, the hitman and business partner that worked with Tony. In its ending, Gay Tony hinted that it was time for him to seek opportunities elsewhere, specifically the west coast.

Could Gay Tony arrive to Los Santos in a future "GTA 5" DLC? Stay tuned as we learn more in the months ahead! Watch the video below to learn more about the Gay Tony Easter egg in "GTA 5."