'GTA 5' Heists Money Glitch: Solo Unlimited Money Glitch Is Shockingly Simple [VIDEO]

GTA 5 Heists DLC Money Glitch Rusty Rebel
Invest in a Karin Rusty Rebel for $8,000 and sell it for more than $40,000 in this unlimited solo money glitch! Rockstar

The highly anticipated "GTA 5" Heists DLC has certainly lived up to expectations. The latest DLC delivers approximately 5 gb of brand-new content, including unique missions for GTA Online. In addition, it also helps that Rockstar is now offering the biggest mission payouts yet for the latest Heist update.

However, one can never have enough cash. Conveniently, "GTA 5" YouTuber Shady Gamers unveiled a new money glitch for GTA online that can be performed while solo. What's more, the glitch bypasses the 45-minute wait, which makes the unlimited money glitch that much more convenient.

According to Shady Gamers, you must first have a Karin Rusty Rebel pickup truck (worth $3,000) in your garage. Deliver the Rebel to Los Santos Customs for some mods. Now, purchase a set of the off-road "Raider" wheels for $5,000. Next, purchase the Sad Trombone horn. The Sad Trombone horn costs $26,000 but you will find that the horn is actually free as the glitch does't subtract money from your bank account following the purchase. Finally, sell your modified Karin Rusty Rebel for $42,620. Given that you've only invested a total of $8,000, the sale net profit of $34,620.

Without further ado, be sure to check out the sweet little "GTA 5" Heists DLC unlimited solo money glitch below. Finally, we would greatly appreciate it if our readers can let us know what consoles they use to play GTA and whether the glitch works for their console:

UPDATE: Since ShadyGamer's YouTube video has been taken down, we have found a video shared by ThatsLogan that utilizes a similar exploit.


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