"GTA 5" for PS4 and Xbox One will finally arrive in November 18. Rockstar Games made the big announcement last week and shared an all-new “GTA 5” trailer as well as a library of still shots to show off the stunning next-gen graphics that the new game has achieved.

Early speculations assumed Rockstar would perform mild improvements to remaster “Grand Theft Auto V" for PS4 and Xbox One. Now, it is clear that “GTA 5” has been completely redone to take full advantage of the robust processing powers found in the new consoles.

According to Rockstar, animal textures, foliage of forestry and even the water rendering system has been completely redesigned. PS4 and Xbox One gamers will get to enjoy every single follicle of hair, every blade of grass, and every drop of water like never before. In fact, water in the new "GTA 5" is capable of pooling into small potholes over time during rainfall in Los Santos. Character models have also significantly improved.

Rockstar Games didn’t only focus on small details. Take a step back and gamers will find a significantly more vibrant Los Santos city in PS4 and Xbox One. The new “GTA 5” is capable of an incredible draw distance.

The effects are especially noticeable when Los Santos is seen at night. The draw distances are amplified by higher object density. Traffic congestion now looks more accurate to the bumper-to-bumper traffic one would expect from a busy city like Los Santos. Object density isn’t only seen in downtown traffic. The new "GTA 5" also created stunningly rich wild life in the woods.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima got an early glimpse of the new “GTA 5” earlier this summer. According to an interview with CVG, Kojima was completely blown away by the level of graphics that Rockstar was able to achieve with “GTA 5.”

"What Rockstar has created and the world they have created is super impressive, and actually when I saw the PS4 version a few days ago I got depressed again," Kojima said. "And this is not game design-related it's just me. The quality that they showed in the PS4 trailer was really impressive."

See for yourself. Videos below demonstrate just how far “GTA 5” has gone from the PS3 to PS4. Now it’s your turn: will you get the next-gen “GTA 5”? If so, which console will you choose to play it on? Let us know in the comment section below: