We have been discussing upcoming "GTA 5" update and DLC rumors ever since the Independence Day DLC released earlier this month. The "GTA 5" Casino DLC details are already well documented, but there are several bizarre rumors about something really different that is coming down the pipeline as well.

As most of you already know, the Independence Day update is a limited-time DLC that is set to expire approximately one week after Rockstar Games made the announcement on Monday. According to YouTuber NoahJ456, it is almost impossible to completely remove the Independence Day DLC in a safe manner without having to implement a patch to make sure that "GTA Online" continues to run smoothly. Now that we know that there will be a new "GTA 5" patch, we believe that is when a new "GTA 5" 1.16 update will be introduced as well.

Now, what exactly is the new 1.16 DLC update? Multiple sources have confirmed that the Casino DLC is definitely happening. Source code leaks reveal there will be more than one casino, and a wide array of minigames, assassination missions, new IAA missions, and new Trevor missions. Leaked source code reveals assassination missions include assassin_skydive and assassin_cablecar. 

But is a "GTA 5" Casino update all we get? Maybe, or maybe not. A mysterious string from a leaked source code reads: main_ZMB. Could the ZMB abbreviation actually mean Zombie? If the latest "GTA 5" Zombies DLC rumors are true, then this is the biggest "GTA 5" update yet. Of course, who can forget the success of the "Red Dead Redemption" Undead Nightmare expansion?  If Rockstar Games ever manages to combine a consistent stream of mission updates like the highly anticipated (and long delayed) Heists DLC with an all-new Zombies DLC for "GTA Online," then we'd be hard-pressed to find another game we'd want to play for the next year.

Of course, main_ZMB could stand for something completely different, in which case we would feel pretty naive for bringing up the notion of zombies. Stay tuned as we learn more details of the upcoming "GTA 5" 1.16 update in the days ahead.