When will "GTA 6" be released? It's difficult to tell because Rockstar typically launches a new game in the series every four to five years, so fans should have had one two years ago. Instead, they got "Red Dead Redemption."

In the absence of any official information about the official release date of the "Grand Theft Auto 6," here's a rundown of every big "GTA 6" rumor and leak over the last few years. Keep in mind that none of the stories listed in this article have been verified.



After Tom Henderson (known for his 'Call of Duty' leaks) wrote on his suspended Twitter account in January 2021 about the game having a playable female and male protagonist, rumors about "GTA 6" featuring a playable female character began to circulate. Henderson said in his new Twitter that "GTA 6" would not be set in the 1980s, but rather in the present day.

To name a few, "Grand Theft Auto" protagonists have included the hot-tempered Tommy Vercetti of "Vice City," the mature but cynical Eastern European refugee Niko Bellic of "GTA 4," and the naive yet good-hearted street gang underboss Carl "CJ" Johnson of San Andreas. If this rumor is accurate, it will be highly beneficial to the series.

An internal source told Inside Gaming in 2018 that "GTA 6" will be set in Miami. Considering "GTA's" past of fictionalized cities centered on real cities, this most likely means "Vice City." However, as Inside Gaming points out, Miami is theoretically part of the 'GTA' universe. "GTA 6" is also codenamed Project Americas, according to Internal Gaming's insider. The codename refers to a feature that will enable players to travel between two environments, one in the United States and one in South America.

When a teaser for a new 'GTA Online' update seemed to contain something more in late 2020, fans were ecstatic. When players entered the coordinates at the bottom of the maps, they are led to a dirt road in rural Virginia. It happened to be shaped like a VI, the roman numeral for 6.

Fans have also resorted to over-analyzing random photos on Rockstar's website in their quest for information. Some fans claim that this picture of a robot embracing the Rockstar Games logo, which was posted to the company's website in early 2020, is more "evidence" that the game will take place in "Vice City."

Though it seems to be a stretch, Rockstar Games teased "Red Dead Redemption" in 2016 on Twitter with a graphic featuring its logo.

So, what do we know about Grand Theft Auto 6 after all of this? Not much. "GTA 6" is almost certainly in the works, but specifics like how long it's been in production when we can expect to see a release date, where and where it'll take place, and who will star in it remain a mystery at worst and a source of controversy at best.

GettyImages-80913239 LONDON - APRIL 29: A young man plays Grand Theft Auto IV on the game's day of release on April 29, 2008 in London, England. The game designed for the Playstation 3 was in high demand and sold out in stores across London during its first day of sale. Cate Gillon/Getty Images