Five men were killed Wednesday morning after a shootout with Mexican security forces near a resort hotel at the popular tourist spot, Puerto Penasco on the Gulf of California. The resort, also known as Rocky Point, is popular with American tourists as it is located across the border from Arizona. According to Fox News, the attorney general of the border state of Sonora, Carlos Navarro Sugich said the shootout was between police and military personnel who were confronting armed gunmen. The identities of the five dead gunmen are unknown.

Two of the five were killed by authorities, another two were killed when they crashed their getaway vehicle and another man died later of his wounds. No tourists were killed in the battle between the gunmen and the authorities. "There was fear among the residents, because this is a very peaceful community, and hearing gunfire really upsets the tranquility of any community, especially one that is not accustomed to this kind of thing," Sugich told Milenio Television after the incident. Following the shootout the resort returned to its calm state.

Residents speaking with various media outlets said they could hear the sound of "high powered weapons" close to five O'clock in the morning. Resident Stephen Heisler said he woke up at about a quarter to five when he heard the sound of helicopters. We weren't sure what the heck was going on. I heard the gunfire. It was pretty intense stuff. And we didn't know if the helicopter was friend or foe -- we could see it shooting -- so we took cover." Following the shootout the area was made secure by the armed forces.

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