GURUS DE BELLEZA, a series devoted to fashion, makeup and style led by a panel of three experts who help Hispanic women across the United States achieve their ideal look and boost their self-esteem by sharing practical tips and professional techniques easily replicated at home. GURUS DE BELLEZA premieres December 12 and will air every Friday at 9PM E/P.

The dynamic team at the forefront of GURUS DE BELLEZA includes three of the most popular beauty consultants on the Internet and social networks: style and image expert Marisol Gomez, who is never short of ideas for choosing the right outfit for every occasion; Cristina Ordaz, a talented makeup artist who specializes in easy tips and techniques for applying cosmetics at home; and Gaby Motomochi, a charismatic hairstylist who shares practical advice and ideas that complement every outfit.

Having the right eye to choose styles, these three consultants give women in the audience suggestions for stunning looks that emphasize their natural beauty whatever the occasion, whether a date, a graduation ceremony or a job interview. 

GURUS DE BELLEZA got its start on YouTube and can also be watched at "MiTu Life" ( It is now available on Discovery Familia in extended-format episodes thanks to a partnership with MiTu (, a media company dedicated exclusively to digital content that caters to Latinos.

One of the Gurus shared this marvelous tip on what to wear for a job interview.