Ken Block's latest "Gymkhana 7" in the 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR will drop on Nov. 17. Hoonigan

Ken Block's "Gymkhana Seven: Wild In The Streets Of Los Angeles" is finally out and you know it's going to be the sickest drift video you've ever seen! How the hell did Ken Block manage to push the envelope this time? Behold Ken Block's latest creation: a 1965 Ford Mustang built to produce 845 hp and 720 lb.-ft. of torque to all four wheels via a custom 6.7 liter Roush Yates V8 motor. This Mustang is Ken Block's very own Frankenstein monster and he calls it the Hoonicorn RTR. In the latest "Gymkhana 7," Block unleashes his Hoonicorn through the streets of LA.

The video starts off like straight BDSM, featuring a musty warehouse, a whole lot of chains, and delicious tire shredding car porn. Ken Block himself also got the look down with his rad cafe racer open-face helmet and bandana. With a push of a button, the chains are off and the Hoonicorn rockets out of the warehouse to terrorize the city. Apparently, the LAPD were out in force that day, but even LA's finest could do little more than stand and watch as the Mad Max Mustang screams into the Los Angeles River. However, you would be wrong if you thought Ken Block was filming an homage to "Grease" or Ryan Gosling's "Drive." Instead, Ken Block is just doing what he does best: donuts and precision drifts all day everday.

Thanks to camera magic, Ken Block goes from the LA River to Randy's Donuts in seconds. Can you guess why Ken Block made a stopped at Randy's? Yeah, that's right, because Block wanted a dozen of the delicious donuts right outside the restaurant's parking lot. Next, Ken Block drifts into Chinatown to show off some serious kung fu, showing off some sick close-perimeter drifts.

Finally, after taunting the cops with some more donuts around LAPD squad cars, Ken Block takes his Hoonicorn RTR out on the open road so quickly that he passes a high speed car chase as if they were moving at a snail's pace (apparently O.J.'s Bronco is still running from a cops). Last but not least, Ken Block shut it down with a sick precision donut right under a bouncing lowrider Caprice! What?!

Check it all out in the sick "Gymkhana Seven: Wild In The Streets Of Los Angeles" video. Stick around to see Ken Block shred Mt. Lee Dr. up the Hollywood hill!

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