The morning of Tuesday Dec. 17 Pope Francis sat down to a birthday breakfast at the Vatican and extended an invitation to four homeless people. The Pontiff celebrated his 77th-birthday by first celebrating mass then enjoying breakfast with four men who live on the street outside the walls of the Holy See. One of the four men held his brown dog as he waited to meet the Pope. Francis is also said to have invited his household staff to join him in giving the meal a more family like atmosphere.

The breakfast was held at St. Martha's Residence where the Pope has been living since he was elected in March 2013. Francis has a reputation for living modestly and chose to live in the Vatican hotel rather than the more lavish Apostolic Palace where popes typically reside. A spokesperson for the Vatican said the four men invited to have breakfast with his Holiness are only four among dozens of homeless that camp outside the Vatican's walls. The spokesman described the occasion to the media saying the meal was "particularly friendly."

On Saturday Pope Francis blew out his birthday candles a few days early when he was presented with a cake by children visiting the Vatican. Pope Francis is known as the most down to earth Pope in Vatican history. He often walks around St. Peter's square posing for photographs with those who flock to see him. In recognition of his efforts to reform the Catholic Church, Pope Francis was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2013. Originally from Argentina Pope Francis is the first Latin American Pope.

Another special gift making its way to the Pope for his birthday is a replica championship trophy from the Pope's favorite football team San Lorenzo. A delegation from the team will arrive at the Vatican and present the Holy Father with the gift. The team's Vice President, Marcelo Tinelli spoke with the Associated Press saying, "Arriving on such a special day, like the 77th birthday of the Pop, this meeting seems made for God."

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