Katie Holmes has reportedly not moved on from her split from Jamie Foxx. The actress has been trash-talking the actor to any person who would listen.

National Enquirer claimed that Holmes has been slamming Foxx because she can’t stand how he’s been humiliating her. During his interviews, Foxx has been candid about his flings and hookups since his split from the “Dawson’s Creek” star.

An unnamed source also told the tabloid that Holmes isn’t pleased with Foxx’s partying ever since they called it quits. And to make things worse, the actor has been trying to strike a friendship with his ex-girlfriend but Holmes is not ready for them to have an amicable relationship with each other.

“It’s made it difficult for her to move on. She’s told him to lose her number, but he won’t stop!” the source said. And in order for her to cope with the breakup, the actress has reportedly been saying negative things about Foxx. Holmes has also gone as far as insulting and cursing her ex-boyfriend.

But according to the rumor-debunking site, Gossip Cop, it is unlikely that Holmes has been uttering a string of hurtful remarks about Foxx. The publication also noted the fact that the tabloid never revealed the name of their so-called source. As such, it is possible that their story was just made up.

Throughout the couple’s relationship, Holmes and Foxx have stayed under the radar. And they rarely spoke about their relationship. As such, it is unlikely for Holmes to suddenly be so open about her breakup from Foxx.

Gossip Cop also stressed the fact that the tabloid is known for publishing fake stories about Holmes and Foxx. In July, the tabloid claimed that the actress has been urging Foxx to get her pregnant. But this storyline is obviously made up since Holmes and Foxx ended their relationship in May.

But since the tabloid still didn’t know about the couple’s split, they continued to publish stories about Holmes and Foxx. On another occasion, the tabloid claimed that Holmes gave Foxx a baby ultimatum, which was, of course, incorrect.

Katie Holmes Katie Holmes at Met Ball 2014. Getty Images