Brad Pitt is a Hollywood star with global fame. While the actor is known for portraying different types of characters that range from action to more dramatic performances, one thing that is seen often about him is that he likes to eat on screen.

There have been many theories about why Pitt eats in so many of his movies, something that other actors try to avoid. In a previous interview with Joe, the “Troy” star explained that the reason why he is seen munching on food so much is because he is “a grazer by nature.”

The eating habit of Pitt also helps him with his acting. The actor said that he likes to keep himself busy while filming a scene. The habit is also built into some of the characters he plays, like the one in the “Ocean’s Eleven” movie and its sequels.

Talking about the “Ocean’s Eleven” movie specifically, Pitt said that there was some method acting involved for that character. He explained that the character Rusty Ryan was “always on the move” or “on the run.”

Pitt felt that since the character is always moving around so much he won’t have the time to sit down and have a proper meal. So, he will have to carry something around with him. This would explain why his character is seen eating so often, and this aspect also help build the character for the audience too.

According to Screen Rant, there may be another reason why Pitt tends to eat so often on screen. The characters that the actor plays are difficult for the audience to relate to because it is the big Hollywood star playing the part. However, when people see the character doing the most basic human thing of eating things like a twinkie or fries; it becomes easy to be able to relate to that character.

Brad Pitt Brad Pitt is pictured attending the premiere of “Allied” on Nov. 21, 2016, in London, England. Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images