Screenshot of Blanca's videos.
Screenshot of Blanca's videos. Tik Tok

A Hispanic TikToker named Blanca, who goes by @blncaa posted a video with a caption: "The register is not sound-proof. I can hear y'all making fun of my appearance and giggling."

The caption comes after some customers were making fun of her appearance during her shift at Starbucks.

The video was posted last year around December, but it has yet again been circulating around the internet.


i’m just trying to take people’s orders and do my job. stop trying to be a bully. we are too old for that & it’s weird #fyp #retail

♬ you have hot breath - ɢʟᴀᴍꜱᴋɪɪ

Blanca further explained in the caption of the video that she was just trying to do her job and take orders. She also said that people who do this [bully] are "too old" and that "it's weird."

On the comment section, Bianca provided more details on the situation. She wrote, "Today two girls came up to the register n started giggling and tell each other 'Omg she's so scary!!' 'right?? Omg,'"

The comment section took action and did nothing but support Blanca.

"making fun of your appearance? I'd be embarrassed for them bc wtf you're gorgeous"

"Trust me, they're insecure. No one who is genuinely pleased with their looks would bully a stranger. You're pretty"

"But ur so pretty I'm confused😭🖤"

"The only way they feel "powerful" is talking down on you to feel better ab themselves babes 🫶🏼🫶🏼 u pretty 🥰 just look who's talking 😂"

Some viewers even chimed in on similar experiences working retail .

"I worked the register at Chipotle. Two grown girls were whispering and making fun of my height (I'm 6'1)."

"Once I told a customer we couldn't do something and she whispered to her bf "bullllllsh*t" like ma'am what you're wanting is physically impossible"

Overall, most comments defended Blanca and related to her frustrations.

Would this bullying be part of her being Hispanic or were the girls just being mean?

What do you think?

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