Latinos are leading the game everywhere, not only in the movies but also in theater with very interesting plays and musicals that represent our culture in its various forms. The Latin universe is full of music, dancing, food, folklore and a great time overall. All of that is being represented on stage, highlighting life in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and more Latin countries in different plays and musicals across New York City. 

We've selected seven shows that are rocking Broadway and Off Broadway's box offices and you can’t miss any of these great projects produced by, directed by, and starring Latinos.

1- On Your Feet

If you thought you loved Latin music's power couple Gloria and Emilio Estefan, this musical based on their lives will make you fall for them even harder. Not only is their love story captivating, but the music is as catchy as it gets, from hits that skyrocketed the Miami Sound Machine to international fame, to some of Gloria Estefan's own solo songs. Get the tickets here.  

2- En El Nombre De Salomé

This play is based on Julia Alvarez’s fictional novel of real-life iconic poet Salomé Ureña de Henríquez. Born in the 1850s, in a time of intense political and emotional repression and turmoil in the Dominican Republic, Salomé’s fervent patriotic poems turned her into a national icon. “In the Name of Salomé” is equally the story of Salomé’s daughter, Camila, who grows up in exile, in the shadow of her mother.  Staring Dominican actress Diana Pou and actors Fermín Suarez and Francis Mateo.  Enjoy this play now, click here to get more information.

3- I Like It Like That

This musical is the story of the Rodriguez family living in New York City’s East Harlem in the early 1970s, when music was the lifeline and proudest expression of El Barrio. Brings us back to an era when Salsa was the religion of the masses, when singers and bands became the community’s heroes and idols, and when rhythm and lyrics provided an alternative education to generations of New Yorkers. Click here for tickets.

4- Burundanga

Sylvia and Berta are desperate to discover the true character of Berta’s boyfriend, Manel. But when they drug him with Burundanga – a truth serum where the consumer can’t lie or remember the conversation – they find a much darker secret that sets them off on a hilarious, over the top mission. A hysterical adventure, Burundanga is a fun yet dark comedy that will have you laughing until the curtain closes. To enjoy this experience, click here.

5- La Canción

Starting on February 19, “La canción” mixes tropical musical genres: Bachata, Merengue and Salsa to tell a young man from The Bronx's story in a humorous and refreshing show that is based in his passion for music. One night, Rafa dreams of a song he has never heard before and when he awakens, he inexplicably knows the lyrics to the song. Captivated by the song and with the desire to adapt it to urban music, Rafa embarks on a quest to find its author, but in his search, he unexpectedly discovers the truth about his origins. The show features original songs by platinum-selling Puerto Rican rapper Vico C and stars actors Juan Luis Espinal, Rafael Beato and Diana Pou. Get the tickets here.  

6- Sin WiFi También Se Vive

“Sin WiFi también se vive” stars comedian Saulo García and his main purpose is to prove to the younger generations that there was life before iPhones. A time that, when compared to today, produces sentiments of nostalgia and also lots of laughter. Get tickets here

7- Tell Hector I Miss Him

Written by Puerto Rican writer Paola Lázaro, this play is all about the author's and relatives' experiences on love, sex and addictions. "Tell Hector I Miss Him," captures not only the social and economic problems affecting the common people in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico but the community's feeling, the respect and importance of "having your own family ," which characterizes a lot of Latinos. The cast includes actresses Dascha Polanco and Selenis Leyva from "Orange Is The New Black." Get tickets here