@nicole creates "flat tacos"
@nicole creates "flat tacos" what is known as "Tostadas" in Mexican culture Tik Tok

"It's a Tostatda..Christina Colombus," a Tik Tok user annoyingly said after a viral video of a white woman surfaced around the internet offending Hispanics.

A TikToker named Nicole (@dimelifting) said she created something called "flat tacos," after overcooking a tortilla, and was roundly criticized for rebranding tostadas, a well-known Mexican cuisine.


Replying to @lesbeware now that I have contributed something positive to the community you all can leave me alone 😩 #tacos #trendiing #virall #foryoupageofficiall

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Nicole's video gained over 40.1k views, and many Hispanics were not happy about her "invention".

In early March, creator Petro (@petro_clips), who has more than 1.9 million followers, labeled her "Christina Columbus."


#stitch with @dimelifting flat tacos! 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

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The term "Christina Columbus" has been used on TikTok previously in reference to white creators who "discover" dishes that typically originate in Mexican culture.

Another Hispanic Tik Tok user who goes by @danielarabalais posted a follow-up video mocking an American hot dog, calling it a "sausage taco."


If BIPOC appropriated foods like ⚪️ people do to our cultural foods 😂 #culturalappropriation #spawater #bipoc #foodtiktok

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The video reached over 761.8k views. Many Hispanic followers commented.

"Please give us more inventions because this is revolutionary!!!" a comment read.

"Not the fluffy tortillas!! 😭😭 This was just PERFECT! Everything was just the perfect MOCK!" another uses commented.

@danielarabalais goes into detailed in desrcibing the "sausage taco".

She labels the bread as a "fluffly tortilla" and calls the mayo as "Mexican cream".

"I know what Tostadas are," Nicole later did a follow-up video explaining that it was "satire" and that the idea was from her Mexican husband and father-in-law.


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