Police at St. Anne’s Bay in Jamaica were forced to open fire after a suspect attacked them with a machete. A man, who has been identified by his alias Soljie or Souljie, was reportedly behind the murder and decapitation of a homeless man. The police had tried to arrest him when he turned violent and was fatally shot.

The incident involving two homeless men resulted in the death of both on Friday, Oct. 8 in the Jamaican city.

Police were alerted by members of the public when the headless body of a man was discovered. Officers arrived at the scene near the St Ann's Bay Transportation Centre sometime before daybreak. They discovered the beheaded body of a man believed to have been locally known as Nutsie or Nutsy.

Loop News reported that the victim, who was a homeless laborer, was sleeping on a handcart. Sometime around 4:00 a.m. local time, he was attacked by Soljie. The attacker reportedly had mental health issues. It is still unclear why he had decided to attack his victim.

He not only killed Nutsy but also chopped his head off.

By the time the police arrived, the accused had left the scene along with the victim’s head. Searching for the accused the police arrived at a building near the transport center. Speaking to The Gleaner, St. Anne’s Deputy Superintendent, Kevin Francis, said that when officers arrived at the scene, the accused had tried to set the building on fire.

The police tried to get the man out of the building. However, he refused to cooperate. The fire department managed to put out the blaze. The police discovered that the accused had set the victim’s decapitated head on fire as well.

With the site secured the police had the task of taking the accused into custody. Sometime around 6:15 a.m. the accused turned violent. He charged at one of the officers with a machete. Fearing that his co-worker would be injured in the attack, another officer shot at the accused.

Soljie was taken to Ann's Bay Regional Hospital where he received treatment for the gunshot wound. He eventually succumbed to his injuries leaving the reasons behind his attack unknown.

Due to the death of the accused, the Independent Commission of Investigations has become involved. The body is investigating the shooting by the police officer in the unfortunate incident.

Officers from the Jamaica Constabulary Force quickly raided the compound amid reports of an ongoing ritual at the Albion church, sparking retaliation from its members that resulted in a stand-off. This is a representational image. Unsplash

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