Dario Welcome is selling horchata in the streets of Honduras while wearing a suit. Find out why! Facebook/@RTV

While most street vendors sell their product wearing comfortable clothes and sneakers, Dario Welcome hits the streets wearing a fitted suit and nicely-polished dress shoes. Welcome, a native from Honduras, kicked off his business selling horchata at a busy street light in the Central American country. Nearly one month into the business, the young Honduran man sees an increase in his company and it's all thanks to his fashion style.

"I see myself like the owner of my own business, so I have to dress like one," he told local news station RTV about dressing in a suit while working in the streets. "It calls the attention of many people," he said, adding that first impressions are first made with the sight and not through the mouth. "Anyone can have the best product in the world, but if the seller is bad, than the product is not well received," he said.

Meet Dario Welcome from Honduras Facebook/@RTV

Welcome began his business selling horchata nearly a month ago at a busy street in Honduras. He said that at the beginning a lot of people would buy from him and a lot of people would not. "Little by little, the people who bought my product kept coming back, and that's how I began establishing my clients," he said, stating that he would offer his beverages to taxi drivers, bus drivers, and anyone at the intercourse. "I have little time doing this, but in that time I have seen many blessing from God."

Welcome, who supports his wife and son with his hard work, said that looking for a job is a state of mind. "Many people say that they want to leave the country because there's no work here. They blame the government, they blame other people, but really, poverty is all in the mind," he said, sharing that although he's had bad moments in the business, he feels confident and positive that one day his horchata empire will expand.

"Part of my dream is to rent a small location, have more clients, and train someone," he said. "That way I can open another location somewhere else. I see myself as a business owner," he added. Welcome also revealed that he put his University studies at pause, that way in the future he can pay off his degree in Business. Check out the heartwarming video below.

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