Has Disney+ started a streaming war that will end with the fall of Netflix? According to early data after the launch of the new platform, there hasn’t been a big impact when it comes to the market share, but that may change with time.

Credit Suisse had prepared a report a few days after the new streaming service had launched, and the report had concluded that there was “little to no impact” on Netflix’s market share or in the usage trends of its customers. However, analysts believe that it is too early in the game to conclusively state that Disney+ launch will not have an impact on Netflix’s market share in the long run, Variety reported.

The report relied on the app download data from Sensor Tower to come to its conclusions. According to the data, Disney+ witnessed app downloads of around 4 million when it was launched, but this number shrunk to around 1.5 million by the first weekend after launch. Netflix on the other hand continued to average around 70,000 downloads per day.

While the numbers look encouraging, and they seem to suggest that the streaming service market is not a zero sum game, Cinema Blend reported that Netflix executives can’t relax just yet. Although the Disney+ downloads are expected to go down from their peak in the coming days and Netflix has been in the market for a long time, the media outlet noted that it is too early to state that this is the direction the market will take.

Disney has a lot of original content from Marvel and “Star Wars” that it can bring to its streaming service, which means the number of downloads may not drop as expected. The new content may actually keep far more people subscribing to the service when compared to Netflix.

Will Disney+ win in a streaming war against Netflix? Some of the other big players like HBO Max and Peacock are yet to launch, which makes this sector exciting to watch.

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