Instagram is the one social media platform changing the future of how people do business. The days of marketing products or services in a newspaper or television commercial are over. Companies quickly realize that obtaining Instagram views and followers is the key to successful promotional marketing in the 21 st century. 

Instagram has one billion active users worldwide each month. Think about the power of all that activity. Companies and consumers from around the globe can connect and conduct business together. Not only does this promote globalization, but it gives entrepreneurs and startup businesses a more affordable way to succeed. 

Do you want to learn how much Instagram is changing the business world? Keep reading to find out how.

Instagram Shopping 

Social media is best known for allowing people to share messages and media content. People use social media to sell their products and services. However, these promotions are more like classified ads without any real fashion or appeal to them. That has all changed with Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is a unique feature that allows users to publish "for sale" listings in the form of Instagram posts. People can browse the listings and view all the images and description content associated with it. If someone likes what they see, they can click the "View on Website" button. It will take them to a checkout page on a third-party website. 

Alternatively, the seller can integrate the "Facebook Pay" payment processor into the Instagram checkout page. That way, the buyers can stay on Instagram without being forwarded to a third-party website. The seller and their business must be based in the United States and get approved before Facebook Pay can be used to sell their products. Everyone outside the United States can still use the third-party website button. 

Okay, so what does this mean for the future? It means more people will be shopping directly through Instagram within the next couple of years. Instagram will probably find a way to integrate other payment processors for buyers to use outside the United States. If Instagram becomes successful with its ecommerce feature, you might see other social media networks trying to follow their trend by allowing users to sell products directly from their channels.

Instagram: The Future of Ecommerce

Traditional ecommerce websites may be obsolete in the next 10 or 15 years. Think about it. Why would any new business owner want to waste time designing an ecommerce website and uploading it to their own host? Not only would they have to spend time and money managing the website, but they'd also have to invest money in advertising too. 

But that is the old way of selling products and services on the internet. The future of ecommerce lies with social media platforms like Instagram. As these platforms offer more commercial and business services, such as product sales pages, why would any seller want to make their own website?

Instagram is already a platform with one billion active users per month. Sellers can quickly create an Instagram business page with a store and start promoting it on the platform for free. They can use hashtags and post replies as two ways to drive traffic to their channels. As they gain more followers, the traffic will come more naturally in the future. 

With all these benefits, future sellers are bound to switch their ecommerce websites to Instagram. If we ever see the same trend with Facebook and Twitter, then social media will be the driving force behind ecommerce in the coming years. 

Instagram Influencers: The Future of Marketing

We currently live in a world where people are skeptical of companies and the government. When we browse the internet search engines and news websites, we are bombarded with banner, video, and text advertisements. Many businesses don't realize that at least 30% of internet users have adblocker plugins on their browsers. That means they don't even see the ads.

If businesses want to promote their products and services in the future, they'll need to stop relying so much on unsolicited advertisements and try more social media advertising. After all, it seems like the only trusted sources of information are celebrities on social media. That is why the influencer trend has taken off so much. Popular social media figures with thousands of followers are more trusted than any other person in the world. 

For this reason, companies are rewriting their marketing strategies and incorporating influencers into them. Influencers get paid to recommend the products or services to their followers. Since their followers trust them, they are more likely going to purchase those recommended products or services. 

Instagram influencers take the lead with this marketing strategy. In the future, Instagram influencers will put numerous marketing companies out of business. Why would any company want to pay for classified ads or ad clicks when they can hire a trusted person to recommend their products to a group of loyal followers? The chance of successful sales goes up exponentially with Instagram Influencers. 

Better Analytic Tools

Instagram Insights is an analytics tool on the social media platform that allows business users to track the actions and demographics of the people viewing their posts. This data enables business users to determine which product or service advertisements people are responding to the most. 

These analytic tools are only going to get better on Instagram. You might see new features like hashtag tracking, data history (beyond the current 7-day limit), and result interpretations in the coming years. With these tools in place, businesses can have a clearer understanding of their audience as they promote more products and services on Instagram.


If you have a business and an Instagram channel, then you have the power to increase your number of leads and sales. You don't have to wait around to obtain Instagram followers either. You could look for the best site to buy Instagram followers and then purchase a couple of thousand followers for your new channel. 

After that, you can start promoting your products or services to your Instagram followers. If they like the content and what you have to offer, they'll feel more compelled to purchase something from your business. They might also share your Instagram posts with their friends. But stay away from fake Instagram likes.

If you still have a personal account on Instagram, you need to upgrade it to a business account if you want to start selling items on it. There is no charge to upgrade to a business account.