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A man in Arizona had lady luck following him home from Las Vegas, even 20 days past the time he played the slot machine at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Robert Taylor headed to Vegas for a short visit on Jan. 8 and did not realize he had won the $229,368 jackpot.

According to New York Daily News, Taylor had no idea he had won the jackpot that day while on a progressive slot machine that had malfunctioned due to a communications error. The Nevada Gaming Control Board released a statement saying Taylor and the casino staff were not able to get a notification that he had won the progressive jackpot due to the malfunction and only realized this upon review of the technical situation.

“The slot machine experienced a malfunction that prevented Mr. Taylor and casino personnel from realizing that a progressive jackpot had been won,” the board said in their statement.

However, by the time Taylor’s win was confirmed by the casino personnel, he had already left Sin City and returned home to Arizona. It took about 20 days for the casino to track and contact the winning patron after the Gaming Board launched a two-week investigation to identify Taylor as the jackpot winner.

The board said it was only through its agents’ exhaustive investigation along with the help of the Nevada Transportation Authority that they were able to identify the rightful winner. Gaming officials sifted through long hours of surveillance footage, interviewed witnesses, and combed through electronic purchase records as well as analyzed rideshare data that was provided to them by the NTA and a private rideshare company.

James Taylor, chief of the board's enforcement division stated in a news release, "The Nevada Gaming Control Board is charged with the strict regulation of the gaming industry, the protection of the gaming public, and ensuring that the industry benefits the State of Nevada.” He commended the agents of the Enforcement Division for ensuring public trust in the gaming industry. “This has been a great example of government working together for the benefit of the public,” Taylor said.

After a grueling search of 1230 hours, Taylor was located on Jan.28, and officially notified of his financial windfall, with the board assuring him that his winnings were secured and would be released to him when he returns to the casino. Taylor was set to return to Las Vegas last weekend.

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