As the Royal Family's expenses go up, so does the amount of money that British taxpayers have to shell out each year. The entire world knows that Great Britain would not even be Great Britain if not for the royal family. In fact, the lives of every citizen in the UK would not be complete without any news coming from the British royal family. 

Despite their immense popularity among people of all ages, the annual expenses of the royal clan seem to keep on going up. This proves to be a huge problem, especially for the British taxpayers.

So, why exactly is the royal family costing the taxpayers of their great country so much?

According to a report from the Express, UK citizens should thank the constant maintenance of some of the most notable Royal Palaces such as Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, Clarence House, Marlborough House Mews, the residential and office areas of Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and the buildings in the Home and Great Parks at Windsor, and Hampton Court Mews and Paddocks.

Based on data collected since 2012, the royal family's expenses have gone up to a whopping 41 percent as compared to last year. 

The Buckingham Palace reported that the official expenses of the total Sovereign Grant last year up to the first half of this year amounted to £67 million, which is £19.6 million (41 percent) more than in 2017-2018 (£47.4 million).

Some people might get the idea of not paying the royal family instead. Unfortunately, the Queen and her lineage contribute greatly to the income generation of the UK. 

The only reason why the UK is still under a monarchy is that the royal family brings in so much money that the government pays them in return. This is called the Sovereign Grant. The Sovereign Grant is what keeps the Queen and her entire household up and running. 

Just think about it — Britain without a Queen, a Prince, a Duchess. It's quite hard to picture, isn't it?