Prince Harry once proved how selfless he was just like his late mother, Princess Diana. Meghan Markle’s husband gave up something that’s important to him for the sake of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Following the death of the Princess of Wales on Aug. 31, 1997, Prince William and Prince Harry inherited some of their mother’s jewelry from her personal collection. According to Princess Diana’s former royal butler, Paul Burrell, his boss’ engagement ring was actually inherited by Prince Harry.

But since Prince William is older and the future king also planned on marrying Kate Middleton before Prince Harry could find a forever partner, the latter decided to give the ring to his older brother. In the documentary “The Diana Story,” Burrell revealed how the Duke of Sussex reached the difficult decision.

“Harry said to him [Prince William]; ‘Wouldn’t it be fitting if she [Kate] had mommy’s ring?’” Burrell shared. “Then one day that ring will be sat on the throne of England,” he added.

The controversial royal butler said that Prince Harry’s selfless act proved that he was raised by Princess Diana well. “Harry gave up his precious treasure,” Burrell said. “His one thing he kept from his mother; he gave to his brother. That’s selfless, kind and exactly who Diana was.”

As of late, there have been no reports about Prince William giving up anything for his younger brother. In fact, even when Prince Harry asked for his support and blessing to wed Meghan, the Duke of Cambridge reportedly had a hard time fulfilling the Duke of Sussex's wish. 

Before Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot, it was said that the Duke of Sussex wanted to get Prince William’s support and approval. However, the Duke of Cambridge reportedly tried to talk Prince Harry out of his sudden decision to settle down with the former actress.

And to make things worse, after Meghan joined the royal family, Prince William was rumored to have asked Queen Elizabeth II to not give his sister-in-law access to Princess Diana’s jewelry collection. Royal expert Dan Wooton said that Her Majesty agreed to fulfill Prince William’s wish.

“The Queen is in charge of the royal collection, a massive collection of all of the artifacts that the country and the Royal Family own,” Wooton said. “Included in that are some iconic prices of jewelry, many of which have been leant to Princess Diana,” he added.

Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William Princess Diana (L), Prince Harry, (C) and Prince William (R) gather for the commemorations of VJ Day, 19 August 1995, in London. JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP/Getty Images