Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s marriage has endured quite a number of rough patches throughout their 72 years together. Their relationship is a hallmark of strength and trust that most people aspire to achieve.

Prince Philip is not known for his subtlety as he more often than not releases vulgar, scandalous statements that get him into trouble. Understandably, this would also manifest in his interactions with the Queen, but this reportedly has not gotten in the way of their very happy and satisfying marriage. In a report in 2007, it was revealed how their very unique love story began and how it still endures to this day.

Love At First Sight

Royal watchers claim that Philip and Elizabeth’s meeting at the naval college in Dartmouth in 1939 was love at first sight. The Queen was only 13 at the time, and she was absolutely smitten with the former Prince of Greece and Denmark.

The Unusual Courtship

Royal correspondent James Whitaker revealed that Philip proceeded with a very unique and unusual way of courting the then princess. The future Duke of Edinburgh would share a meal consisting of ginger biscuits and lemonade with Elizabeth II, which does not seem at all that strange. 

What Prince Philip had done afterward, however, was the more interesting part. “Then Philip demonstrated his athleticism by jumping over the nets of the college tennis courts,” confided Whitaker.

The Queen’s Attraction

In the 2014 documentary “The Majestic Life Of Queen Elizabeth II,” royal correspondent Ingrid Seward stated that the Queen was attracted to Prince Philip’s strength and confidence. Seward continues by describing the prince as an “alpha male” — very controlling yet positive — which was a stark difference from the other men, who were very deferential to Elizabeth. “I think he was just so male and she was so incredibly in love with him,” explains the correspondent.

The Secret To Their Marriage

The Queen once described her husband as her “constant strength and guide,” which shows exactly how beautiful their dynamic is and the reason for their ever-strong relationship. Philip is always level with the Queen and tells her exactly how he feels, regardless of how he packages it.

“The thing with the Queen and Prince Philip is that they both are very, very well matched,” says Hugo Vickers, writer and broadcaster. “She took on somebody her own size. He is the one person who can categorically tell her if something is not going well. He can talk to her directly, and he does.”

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (R), and Queen Elizabeth II depart a Service of Commemoration for troops who were stationed in Afghanistan on March 13, 2015, in London, England. Chris Jackson/Getty Images