Princess Diana was convinced that her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, was the one who destroyed her marriage to Prince Charles. At a young age, the Princess of Wales felt that she didn’t receive proper guidance from her mother.

While speaking with Daily Mail, Dr. Lily Hua Yu said that Princess Diana didn’t have a wonderful relationship with Frances. When the late royal was still alive, she told the acupuncturist and herbalist that she thought her mom was an alcoholic.

“She felt she had no one to guide her when dealing with complicated situations, and if she’d had a good mother, she would have had a successful marriage,” Yu said. Astrologer Debbie Frank echoed the doctor’s sentiments.

Frank said that Princess Diana experienced early pain after her mother suddenly left her and her siblings with their father. “There was a wounded child in there,” she said. “Even the last time I met her in July before she died, she recounted the story of her mother leaving and packing her dresses into the car,” Frank added.

Growing up, Princess Diana also had the impression that her parents wanted to have a baby boy instead of her. Before she was born, Frances gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named John. But the latter died shortly after.

The next time Frances got pregnant, it was with Princess Diana, a girl. During the early years of her life, the Princess of Wales carried her mother’s depression, and she also felt like a disappointment.

All of these negative experiences growing up impacted how she dealt with her marriage to Prince Charles. In the book “The Firm,” royal author Penny Junor said that the late royal had a hard time talking about her feelings.

Princess Diana also resorted to harming herself and other dramatic gestures. At the beginning of their marriage, Prince Charles tried his best to deal with his wife’s problems and issues. But after the future king realized that there was no hope to mend the fences with the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, he decided to finally give up.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana Princess Diana Memorabilia - Diana shows off her magnificent diamond and sapphire engagement ring as she shares a happy moment with the prince, 1981. Joe Haupt/Flickr