A royal valet has revealed how Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip dress for bed. The valet made the shocking discovery by accident years ago, and Prince Philip seemed not to care at all.

Since Prince Philip retired in 2017, he and Queen Elizabeth have lived apart. The Duke of Edinburgh reportedly decided to leave Buckingham Palace after his retirement to enjoy a peaceful life away from the hullaballoos of royal life. Because he sees Buckingham Palace more like a workplace than a home, he opted for a life away from it and the Queen.

“Unlike most married couples, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh often live miles apart, with Prince Philip spending hardly any time at Buckingham Palace these days,” a royal correspondent has revealed.

Despite living separate lives, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are comfortable with their relationship. This is because even when they were still living together, they already got used to staying in separate bedrooms. Aside from the fact that it’s a tradition among the British upper class, the royal couple also finds it a more practical arrangement than sleeping on the same bed.

Back when Prince Philip was still living in Buckingham, he had a connecting bedroom with Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom. Once, a royal valet revealed that when he walked into Prince Philip’s room, he was surprised and embarrassed to find the royal couple together, with Queen Elizabeth donning a silk nightgown and Prince Philip completely naked.

“Prince Philip didn’t care at all,” royal valet James MacDonald added. He also recalled how Prince Philip had told him once that it was normal for him not to wear anything during bedtime. “‘Pyjamas? Never wear the things,’ Prince Philip once said,” Macdonald recalled.

This strange habit of Prince Philip is reflected in the Netflix series “The Crown,” where Prince Philip portrayer Matt Smith actually strips off for a few bed scenes. “The Crown” centers on the early years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign and her marriage to Prince Philip.

“A crucial thing is that Philip sleeps naked,” said “The Crown” star Claire Foy. “That was something that we found out. They weren’t put in — it’s just the fact that there are bed scenes. And what do you do, put Philip in a pair of pyjamas? That’s not right for the character,” she added.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (L) and Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (R), wait for the carriage carrying Princess Eugenie of York and her husband Jack Brooksbank to pass at the start of the procession after their wedding ceremony. ALASTAIR GRANT/AFP/Getty Images