While people are wondering how Queen Elizabeth II reacted after Meghan Markle’s candid interview, such an incident has happened before. Prince Diana previously gave a very open interview that the monarch didn’t approve of, and she reportedly got her “revenge” on the royal and BBC for running such a story.

Markle recently caused a bit of a storm by taking about the challenges she and her husband are facing because of intense media scrutiny in the UK. Princess Diana also spoke about similar challenges in her Panorama interview that earned her the displeasure of the Queen.

According to Express, the Queen’s mantra has always been to “never explain, never complain.” When Princess Diana spoke about her then husband’s infidelity and her feeling isolated and misunderstood in the palace, the monarch took action. The Queen stripped the Princess of Wales of her royal title and wrote to her and her son to finalize their divorce, which happened soon after despite Princess Diana’s reluctance.

Princess Diana wasn’t the only one who faced the Queen’s anger. Up until that point, BBC had the sole right to broadcast her Christmas speech, which the monarch changed by asking the media company to share that right with its rival ITV.

A BBC insider confirmed that they lost the Queen’s speech because of the Princess Diana interview. A source from the palace, however, said at the time that the Queen had been considering giving ITV the right to broadcast her speech for some time already.

While the Queen has so far not reacted to Markle’s interview, royal expert Russell Myers has warned that it was “very, very damaging” for the family, Express reported.  Another reason why their documentary is getting so much attention is because Prince Harry seemed to acknowledge the rift between him and his brother Prince William in it.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth and Prince William Queen Elizabeth II (centre L) waves to guests as her son, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (L), and grandson, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (R), react as she takes her seat in the Royal box on the occasion of Her Majesty's 92nd birthday at the Royal Albert Hall in London on April 21, 2018. ANDREW PARSONS/AFP/Getty Images