The brand-new HTC One M9 recently unveiled at the Barcelona MWC earlier this month. Initial reports suggested that HTC would deliver its first batch of the new smartphone on March 16. However, the tech company announced that the HTC One M9 will be delayed to accommodate an urgent software update.

According to anonymous sources, the HTC One M9 suffers from boot failures at its current state. As a result, software engineers are working on creating a new patch to fix the issue before distributing the latest smartphone to the market. Unfortunately, there is no updated HTC One M9 release date yet, but merely a pledge to deliver the new model "as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, HTC America president Jazon Mackenzie shared a tweet that revealed the company is preparing a big announcement for US costumers on Wednesday during the NCAA tournament. "Going to be an exciting week. In addition to NCAA tourney, HTC has a BIG announcement for US customers on Wednesday. "

We cannot confirm what HTC has planned on Wednesday but speculators believe it will be official pricing and provider availability (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint) for the HTC One M9. Be sure to stay tuned as we learn more in the days ahead.