The McFlurry was born in 1995 to Ron McLellan, a local McDonald’s Owner and Operator in Bathurst, Canada. Since then, this fan-favorite creamy, vanilla soft-serve – made with real dairy produced by dairy farmers in the U.S. – and with delicious toppings has been sweetening moments. 

After 25 years, the McFlurry legacy continues, and although for many 2020 is already canceled, the food chain is here to save the weekend with a big celebration. The location of the party is anywhere inside your home; the cake won't be necessary because the dress code got all the sweets. Yes! From September 25, you can get the McFlurry 25th B-Day Suit, a very limited-edition, too-comfortable loungewear set. The outfit is perfectly tailored for these not-so-normal times and gives us all the feel-good celebration we all need for the last months of this year.

The best part of the set is that it comes with an insulated pocket so that you can keep the new Chips Ahoy! McFlurry inside. The new addition would be available nationwide for a limited time through carry-out, Drive-Thru, Mobile Order and Pay and McDelivery. 

McDonald's McFlurry 25th B-Day Suit The McFlurry is turning 25 and, thanks to McDonald’s, fashionistas will be able to celebrate the big birthday moment in style —and eating ice cream! McDonald's

“From video-chat birthday wishes to home-made sign car parades, we know birthdays look a little different in 2020,” said Vice President of U.S. Communications at McDonald’s, David Tovar. “As a go-to birthday party destination for generations, we knew we couldn’t let 25 years of the McFlurry pass us by without a special celebration…2020 style. We’re thrilled to give fans a new way to celebrate at-home and experience feel-good birthday moments with McDonald’s by offering the one-of-a-kind McFlurry 25th B-Day Suit.”

McDonald’s has had a heart-warming legacy with birthdays for decades, and we are pretty sure that you, a member of your family or a friend had a party at the McDonald’s PlayPlace or a recent virtual party with the At-Home Birthday Party Pack. Therefore, this is our time to celebrate them the same way they helped us to celebrate. 

Happy 25th birthday, McFlurry! To many more.