In a rather gnawing reveal of sorts; experts have alleged that astronauts deployed in the heavily-anticipated Mars 2024 mission could be eaten by fellow crew members in a dire fight for survival on the Red Planet.

The inferences, as cited in the Daily Star, have also suggested that the deceased space scientists are likely to be sent into orbit to float in the atmosphere. Either way, the focus would be on avoiding contaminating the surface. The possibilities were suggested after an uptick in the death toll was expected in the forthcoming space mission that’s taking place after a span of 60 years. The first mission reported 21 deaths.

While NASA is yet to introduce protocols to follow in case of fatalities, researchers have suggested ways for respectable disposal of a deceased space scientist. In a statement to Popular Science, the Space Administration stated, “NASA does not prepare contingency plans for all remote risks. NASA’s response to any unplanned on-orbit situation will be determined in a real-time collaborative process between the Flight Operations Directorate, Human Health and Performance Directorate, NASA leadership, and our International Partners.”

Thinking along similar lines, ISS and shuttle astronaut Terry Virts who served two expeditions on the space station and one mission on the space shuttle alleged that he had little knowledge about handling a corpse in space. “In my 16 years as an astronaut I don’t remember talking with another astronaut about the possibility of dying,” he said as cited on PopScience. “We all understand it’s a possibility, but the elephant in the room was just not discussed,” he added.

“Currently, there are no specific guidelines in planetary protection policy, at either NASA or the international level, that would address 'burial' of a deceased astronaut by release into space,” said Catherine Conley at NASA's Office of Planetary Protection in an interview with Popular Science.

The recent report further suggested that corpses of deceased astronauts could be put into cold storage or even freeze-dried for that matter. Researchers have also claimed that it would take years for the corpse to return to Earth, and if at all the body was released, it would become trapped in the path of the craft from where it was expelled.

Explorers have further maintained that the forthcoming mission— with NASA attempting its first controlled flight to Mars at 3.30 a.m. EDT/12.30 a.m. PDT— could be one of the most unexplored missions that mankind has embarked upon.

NASA Administrator Major Charles Frank Bolden Jr admitted alien life does in fact exist and so does Area 51, although it doesn't house any alien life. Shutterstock/Alexanderphoto7

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