iMessage Down, Not Working Today? Apple's Services Including Facetime Back Online, But Users Still Reporting Outages

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Apple said all of its services are back on line after its users were unable to use iMessage, place FaceTime calls, complete iCloud storage upgrade payment transactions.

But, as of this writing, some users were still complaining about iMessage outages.  

"iMessage down again?:(," one user tweeted. 

"Is iMessage down again cause mine won't send [expletive] apple," another tweeted. 

According to Gotta Be Mobile, yesterday, "outgoing iMessages are not being sent from iOS devices or the OS X Messages application. iMessages sent from iPhones are not defaulting to text messages and are simply stuck in the outgoing queue with the 'sending' status bar incomplete in the conversation view. Some messages do seem to be going out after several minutes of waiting, but that is not acceptable to most users, especially those used to using iMessages to hold real-time conversation."

On Twitter, people shared their thoughts on the outage yesterday. 

@Queen_Caitlinn - Who else's iPhone won't activate iMessage or FaceTime ?

@Dean_Sherwood - iMessage and facetime down, thought the end of the world was in december? #AppleFail

@XOX_VOGUE - I dont understand why people are so depressed with iMessage being down. It's not even that do y'all not have regular texting?

According to Apple Insider, "Sunday's downtime marks the fourth such outage in the past three months, with one incident in September and two in October (1, 2) affecting users of iMessage on both iOS and OS X clients. At the time, messages sent through Apple's proprietary service were pushed through as SMS texts."

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