It can happen to anyone! Mexican TV personality Ingrid Coronado had a bit of an embarrassing moment on air during a live broadcast of her show “Vena la Alegría” on TV Azteca. A group of other personalities and Coronado were playing a game as part of the show called “Juego Sin Palabras” or “Game Without Words,” in which he hostess had to guess a phrase written in a paper her and her team had selected but not seen.

Coronado thought she had the answer and got overly excited and yelled “Nunca termines con tu ex!” which translates to “Never break up with your ex” and just as she was about to finish the phrase, she slipped and farted. Some tried to stay cool and carry on with the show, but Tania Rincón and Tabata Jalil couldn’t believe what had just happened and their faces say it all. Meanwhile, Ingrid was in the back, trying to hold her laughter.

In case you were wondering, her answer was wrong. So not only her team didn’t get the extra point, but she farted on national TV, and the clip went all around the world as she became a worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter for the most part of Wednesday afternoon (October 5). The little incident, however, took place on September 13 but for some reason it just became viral now.

Many of Ingrid’s supporters claim she didn’t fart, and what everyone heard was a noise that came from her mouth as she was trying not to fall after she slipped. However, most people think it was real and are calling her #LadyPedos or #LadyFarts on social media, as well as creating memes surrounding the incident. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts. Was it really a fart, or did she make a “noise” with her mouth?