Prisma has just landed on the Google Play Store not too long after it conquered Apple’s App Store charts, and there is definitely one good reason why this smart-filter app is going viral. 

Unlike typical filter apps on the iOS and Android ecosystems, Prisma offers something different to selfie addicts and photography hobbyists — it transforms each pixel of a photo into fibers of the applied filter.

The app works not by just overlaying the filter on top of the image, but it reconstructs the image from the ground up to create a new photo that essentially embodies the applied filter, Android Authority reported. 

Because of this type of technology, Prisma can turn selfies into portraits with the distinct visual art styles of famous painters.

Panoramic shots can also be transformed into beautiful paintings of impressionist style, among many other classical styles.

It does not matter what type of photo users load into this app, it can turn into an artistic piece with vivid strokes of the paintbrush or of charcoal, according to Engadget

However, because the app rebuilds every image before the filters can take effect, loading the finished products usually takes a couple of seconds.

The makers of the smart-filter app have said that the Android version will work just like its iOS counterpart, since they have ported the functionality of the latter into the former.

Over 10 million users have downloaded Prisma on Apple's App Store since its release early this summer, and over 400 million pictures have reportedly been transformed by the app so far, The Verge reported. 

Prisma is a free app but it does not have numerous ads that irritatingly pop up on every click. It does not even require users to sign up just to use it.

Its interface is also very simple and it can be integrated into social media sites Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Check out a video review of the Prisma app, courtesy of iUpdateOS, below.