The latest iPhone 6 Plus just released in August. In the short time since its release, the new iPhone 6 has already suffered controversies including "Bendgate" and the recent "Hairgate." Apple iPhone 6 owners initially complained that their new phone were so fragile that they would bend in their back pockets. Now, recent reports say that a small gap in the iPhone 6 chassis is causing the phone to snag on beards and rip off facial hair.

Despite the concerning iPhone 6 complaints, Apple is already loooking head and focusing their attention on their next big thing: the new iPad Air 2. According to Business Insider, tech columnist Michael Andrew has already obtained the specs of the latest tablet by Apple. Unfortunately, Andrew has yet to leak any photos of the new iPad. That said, an overview of the latest changes on the iPad Air 2 have been revealed.

Michael Andrew reported that the new iPad Air will feature the Touch ID home button that was introduced in the iPhone 5s. What's more, the iPad Air 2 will also feature the same 8-megapixel camera with iSight sensors as the iPhone 6. However, we cannot confirm whether the new iPad camera will feature the optical image stabilization found in the iPhone 6 Plus.

The heart of the iPad Air 2 is the robust A8 chipset. What's more, Andrew reported that Apple will likely drop the 16GB option and offer the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB variants. Finally, the most important spec on the new iPad Air 2 is its upgrade to 2GB of memory, effectively twice as much as the current iPad as well as the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. No doubt, the new iPad Air 2 will need the extra performance to handle all the apps and multimedia features it promises to deliver.

Finally, the physical dimensions of the new iPad Air 2 will be very similar to the current model. While the new iPad is expected to retain a 9.7-inch display, speculators expect the new iPad to boast a higher pixel density than even the iPhone 6 Plus. in thickness, the new iPad Air 2 will reportedly be 0.5mm thinner. Thevolume buttons will be more recessed and the new speakers will now feature a on-row grill design rather than two in order to achieve the slimmer profile.

According to reports, the new iPad Air 2 release date is Oct. 16. Stay tuned as we learn more in the days ahead!