iPhone 6 release date rumors have begun swirling again as the new year brings the promise of new technology releases. A concept video has recently emerged which suggests that Apple may be considering releasing not just the iPhone 6 but also a lower-priced model as an iPhone 6 C. Despite the relatively dismal performance of the iPhone 5C, anticipation for the iPhone 6 is as at such a fever pitch that Apple may be wanting to cash in on consumer expectation.

If nothing else, the video shows what the iPhone 6 would look like with a curved screen. Former CEO Steve Jobs had an obsession with curved glass, and rumors have been circulating since 2011 about an iPhone with a curved glass screen. The screen may also be Saphire Glass, making it the hardest, most durable iPhone screen to date. The iPhone 6 C may give apple a chance to feature some innovations not included in the iPhone 6 model and a curved screen is a likely contender.

iPhone 6 rumors to date also suggest a retina scanner, voice recognition technology and a larger screen: screen size could be 4.7, 5.5 or even 6 inches diagonally, making it the biggest iPhone to date.