Israeli scouts wave flags as hostages return to the country
Four Argentine women are among the released on Tuesday AFP

Four Argentine women are among the hostages released on Tuesday from Gaza as part of the ongoing agreement between Israel and Hamas. They are a 77-year-old woman, Ofelia Feler de Roitman, a 63-year-old woman, Clara Marman, and Gabriela Leimberg and her daughter Mia.

This means there are nine Argentines left among the remaining hostages in Gaza, after five others were released on Monday: Karina Engelbert and her daughters Mika (18) and Yuval (11), as well as twins Yuli and Emma Cunio, both three-years-old.

All Argentines released were in Kibbutz Nir Oz on October 7, when Hamas militants attacked Israel, killing 1.200 people and taking around 240 hostages. According to Gaza's Hamas-led government, nearly 15,000 people -- mostly civilians and including thousands of children -- have died since Israel began to retaliate for Hamas's unprecedented cross-border attacks.

With Tuesday's releases, the number of Israeli hostages released has reached 51, with 19 people from other nationalities. 150 Palestinian women and children were released as well.

There are about 170 hostages still in Gaza, among them 10-month-old baby Kfir Bibas, the youngest hostage, among with his parents Shiri and Yarden and his 4-year-old brother Ariel. Different media outlets have reported there are hostages who meet the criteria to be released but are not being kept by Hamas, but rather other terrorist organizations such as the Islamic Jihad.

Image of an Israeli hostage held by Hamas
The exchange of hostages and Palestinian detainees continues AFP

That possibility could become evident as the exchanges continue during the next days. Different outlets reported about the possibility that Israel and Hamas negotiate a new extension of the pause in the fighting to continue with the exchanges.

According to Axios, the negotiations contemplate extending the pause for up to an additional three days in exchange for the release of another 10 hostages per day. That would bring the total number of Israeli hostages released under the deal to 100. Should the negotiations not be fruitful, the pause in fighting will end on Wednesday.

According to Axios, "the director of Mossad told his three counterparts that Israel won't agree to any discussion on a new hostage deal before the current one is fully implemented and all women and children who are held hostage are released." Israel believes Hamas still holds between 30 and 40 women and children in Gaza.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned in several occasions about the intention of resuming the offensive as soon as the truce ends. "We continue until the end -- until victory," Netanyahu said in Gaza on Sunday. His presence there marked the first visit by an Israeli premier since 2005.

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