Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton are riding high off the recent celebration of their new marriage. The couple, who has been plagued with Houghton's paternity and custody drama from an ex-mistress can now rest easy now that the law has worked in their favor.

According to Bossip, the Texas Attorney General’s Office has abandoned its case against the gospel singer over paternity for one son and child support determination for both boys, a four-year-old and a two-year-old.

The site reports that representatives for the state’s highest law enforcement office appeared in Harris County Family Court in Texas for a child support hearing, known as “Title IV-D,” where they asked a judge to list the case as “nonsuited,” which meant the state no longer wanted to pursue the case. A judge later signed off on stopping the case from moving forward and effectively terminated it, a rep from the Harris County Superior Court told us. Houghton did not appear.

From the beginning Houghton and his family has been denying the claims from the ex-mistress saying that all the information was false. And now, the courts are proving it as well.

Houghton’s sons’ mother, DeVawn Moreno, told the site that the case was halted because the facts weren’t straight from the start, though she declined to elaborate.

“The suit was dropped because of misleading information,” Moreno told the site exclusively in an email. “Our children are well taken care of as it always has been.”

Back in June, the Texas State Attorney General’s Child Support Division sued Houghton to determine how much he should pay for the upkeep of the two love children, and asked the court to figure out whether both back and current child support for the two tots, as well as medical expenses and health insurance, needed to be paid.

The state wanted Houghton come up with his tax returns, checking and savings accounts statements, 401K info, proof of health insurance coverage and income history so that the court could figure out how much he possibly owed.

Houghton’s lawyer exclusively told the site that the dad of six was already financially supporting his sons, and had never actually been served with the suit.

The state generally brings cases like these to the courts when one parent tries to go on public assistance, according to the attorney general’s office.

Although Houghton has been cleared, a stain like this typically never goes away. Besides the drama, Houghton and Bailon are moving forward and not allowing this to ruin their marriage.