Jessie J is headlining Day 23 of the iTunes music festival at the Roundhouse in London, where she'll hit the stage in promotion of her recently released album "Alive".  Digital Spy called that record in its review "an accomplished pop record by an undeniably talented singer-songwriter that results in a natural progression from her debut" on the strength of songs like "Wild", "Thunder" and "Daydreaming".  That might be due to an unusual bit of cosmology she goes through to preserve her voice. "I boil down chickpeas and garlic and drink that straight," she told the Mirror. "The house smells lovely."

We've only got about another week left of September performances to enjoy from the iTunes festival.  But some of the choicest bits are still to come.  Here's a look at who's playing the rest of the month:  September 24 (Robin Thicke); September 25 (Pixies); September 26 (Tinie Tempah); September 27 (Dizzee Rascal); September 28 (John Legend); September 29 (Justin Timberlake); September 30 (Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea, Icona Pop).  Check out what you might have missed earlier in the month here.

So Apple is looking to close off this month with a series of home-run performers.  But there have been questions in some quarters about why the company put this thing on in the first place.  Fortune's Jim Dalrymple said in an article for CNN earlier this month that he thinks the company's doing it to remind the public that they do actually care about the music, not just the technology that lets you hear it.  "So what is Apple getting out of running iTunes Festival?" Dalrymple wrote.  "As subtle as the message is, I think Apple is telling the world that music still matters to them. The iTunes Store is what helped Apple become the company it is today-the iPods and selling music online transformed Apple into a household name that made consumer products, not just Macs."

Let's finally get to the point here: you want to watch Jessie J and maybe the other artists on deck for the rest of this month, but you don't know how to do it.  Do you have an Apple TV?  In that case, all you have to do is simply access the pre-installed app 'iTunes festival", through which you can live stream the concerts as soon as artists hit the stage at 4 p.m. EST.  Don't have an Apple TV?  No reason to fret.  If you're the owner of an iOS device, you can use that to download the free app here and watch the live stream.  No iOS device either?  That's fine.  You can just catch Jessie J and any other artists as their performances stream live by using Apple software on your normal computer.  You've just got to download iTunes and click here to watch using Apple software.