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Apple iWatch concept. iWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton

Later today, Apple will kick off its highly anticipated iPhone 6 special event, where we will also be expecting the introduction of the new iWatch wearable device. The Apple event will be held Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 1 p.m. EDT , or 10 a.m. PDT, at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, CA.

We're moments away from the iPhone 6 unveiling, but we already have a substantial amount of information regarding the latest iPhone. According to rumors, the new iPhone 6 will be available in a choice of either a 4.7-inch (2272x1280) screen or a 5.5-inch (2560x1440) screen. Both iPhone 6 models will feature a next-generation dual-core 2GHz A8 chip with 2GB or ram. According to Apple insider, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will boast a hefty 2,915 mAh battery, good for two days of battery life.

On the other hand, details surrounding the new Apple iWatch is limited. According to DigitalTrends, different versions of the iWatch may be available in a range of sizes. So far, screen size rumors have ranged anywhere from 1.3-inches to as much as 2.5 inches with a curved OLED screen. The iWatch will also be available in four different colors for a total of 8 variations in color and size.

One of the most popular smartwatch currently on the market is the Samsung Gear S and Motorola Moto 360. As far as dimensions are concerned, the Moto 360 features a 1.56 inch LCD while the Samsung Gear S boasts a 2-inch AMOLED. Rumors of two iWatch versions suggest that Apple could be working to compete against both phones.

Leaked CAD renderings of the new Apple iWatch from Monday also indicate a sensor plate on the back of the watch will also be able to track the health and wellness of the iWatch wearer. Additional iWatch features include a mic and speaker for SIRI support, as well as multi-touch and gesture technology on the small screen. According to the CAD leaker, the iWatch is expected to last for more than a day on a charge. The lack of a lightning connector port also indicates that the new iWatch will use wireless charging.

We cannot confirm the battery life on the Apple iWatch, but most smartwatches currently on the market are unable to hold a charge for more than a day of real-world use. The Moto 360 features a 320 mAh battery while the Samsung Gear S battery is slightly smaller at 300 mAh. According to, the Moto 360 only musters 12 hours of battery life, sometimes less. This will be a tremendous obstacle for Apple, especially when you realize that it is chock-ful of features, sensors, and components.

The sophisticated sensor plate is definitely the most important component of the new Apple iWatch. According to rumors, the iWatch will be capable of collecting a spectrum of parameters via an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnometer, altimeter, for a range of applications such as step-tracking, sleep-tracking, and even golf-swing-tracking. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new iWatch is expected to have no less than 10 sensors.

However, it will be wrong to pigeon-hole the new Apple iWatch as a health smart watch. WSJ claims the iWatch will also feature new NFC technology that will allow it to pay for goods and even unlock the door of your hotel. Finally, 9to5Mac reports that the new iWatch will also be able to open third-party apps. In fact, leaks suggest that Apple has prepared a new section in the App Store in anticipation for iWatch-dedicated software.

Compared to the Moto 360, Samsung Gear S, and other Android Wear devices, the new Apple iWatch definitely promises to deliver a lot more. The impressive Android Wear OS provides "Ok Google," emails, weather, calendar items, maps, and fitness tracker. However, the iWatch's rumored 10 sensors as well as the addition of the new dedicated App Store open up a new world of possibilities for the Apple device.

Stay tuned in the moments ahead as we will provide you all with further updates on the new Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch device. Not sure where to watch the Apple event on live stream? Click here!

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