Jacqueline Bracamontes had a very family oriented weekend. The former “Nuestra Belleza Latina” judge celebrated mother’s day and her husband’s, Martín Fuentes, birthday next to her two daughters, Jacky and Paulina. The day before mother’s day, the proud parents Baptized their baby girl, Carolina, who had no other than Paulina Rubio as Godmother.

The beauty queen seems to be taking advantage of her Instagram account to let her fans, and the media know that everything is going great between her and Fuentes after allegations about his infidelity.

Jacky has been supporting her hubby during his races (for those who don’t know he is a race car driver), and she has been documenting almost every family event on social media. Recently, what caught everyone’s attention was the caption she used for one of her videos "Ese hombre es mío!!!! @mft07 Jajajajajaja!!," and in which she tagged her husband. In the clip, we see Paulina Rubio singing her 1992 hit “Ese Hombre Es Mío” (That man is mine) at Paulina's Baptism celebration and the happy couple singing along. 

The caption generated mixed feelings because we are still unsure about what actually happened. Neither of them have confirmed the cheating rumors. All we can tell you guys is that Jacqueline Bracamontes is sticking around and fighting for her husband, and her family. At least that’s what we got from that caption. You go girl!