The death of Jenni Rivera has not been easy for memebrs of the Latin commuity and beyond to get through. After passing in a horrible plane crash, family members of Rivera have been trying their best to come to terms with Jenni no longer being around. Now four years after her tragic death, her daughter Chiquis Rivera has decided to open up about how she is coping with her death.

According to Latina, Chiquis Rivera is finally ready to open up about how she is dealing with her mother's death. Jenni Rivera's death rocked the entertainment industry as news of the tragic plane crash left her and six other people dead swept the nation. 

La Diva de la Banda was laid to rest on December 31, 2012 at th All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California. In an exclusive clip from The Riveras, Chiquis talks about her mother, the struggles with facing death and reveals that since her passing she has not seen her mother's body.

"I go back to the day that we laid my mom to rest and that was horrible," Chiquis explains. I don't go to the cemetery where my mom is laid to rest, which we call "Mama's Garden" very often. Why? Because I remember that day, December 31st where we finally put her to rest and what I felt that day. I just don't feel that she's there. I guess because I didn't see her body so to me she is everywhere."

Losing a parent for anyone is one of the hardest things to deal with. The publication reports that La Diva de la Banda and her oldest daughter were not speaking at the time of her untimely death due to rumors buzzing about a possible affair with Esteban Loaiza, which Chiquis has publicly denied. The last song Rivera played at her performance in Monterrey was "Paloma Negra," which she dedicated to Chiquis and asked the audience to sing with her. While it has been four years since Jenni's death, Chiquis reveals that its still not real for her.

"I think I live my life as if my mom is traveling and I have no other choice to but to stay here and take care of the kids and work because she's working," Chiquis explains. " So to me its like that concert just makes everything real for me, especially that song.