For months now, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been in the news, especially since the latter highly publicized split from Angelina Jolie. They have been spotted together on several occasions, triggering rumors and hopes that the former power couple of Hollywood is back together. But while we are busy focusing on a love story that may or may not exist, rumor is that Jennifer Aniston and John Hamm are reportedly dating!

The speculations of Brad Pitt and Jennifer being back together have been fueled by the countless times the actor has been seen with her. Like last year, Brad was spotted attending Jennifer’s 50th birthday party and also was one of the last guests to leave her Christmas bash in December 2019. Then throughout the recently concluded awards season, the duo had been bumping into each other a lot.

It started with their reunion at the SAG Awards in January 2020 where the pictures of the pair holding hands went viral or their coincidental presence in the same Oscar after-party.

Then there was the moment during Pitt’s speech at the Golden Globes where certain tabloids remarked how she looked at him “with love in her eyes.” It didn’t take much time before rumors of the pair getting re-married sometime in spring this year started floating. 

But looks like that in the rush to connect two not-really-there dots, a brewing romance went unnoticed

So, as per a story in The Sun, the chance meeting of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt at the  Osar after-party went as follows- Jennifer said “Hi” to Pitt, had a quick chat with him and spent the majority of her time there chatting to another handsome hunk- John Hamm!

“I saw her go over to Brad and say a quick hi to him – then she spent a lot of time chatting to Jon," a source told the outlet. "They were talking for ages and seemed to know each other really well. Everyone noticed.”

As per another source, Jennifer and the Mad Men’s actor have been on many secret dates. "Everyone is wondering how on earth this didn't happen sooner. Over the years, she's had her people enquire if he was available on several occasions in between her romances,” the source added. 

While Jennifer’s reps have denied any such thing, it is imperative to remember that it wasn’t just Pitt who attended her birthday last year- John Hamm was also one of the guests. 

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP