Ever since the news of a “Friends” Reunion dropped, speculations have run amok about its making, release and everything in between. But if there’s one rumor that’s spreading like wildfire, it has got to be an alleged “feud” between co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc.

As per a recent report on “New Idea”; the makers of “Friends” are in a real crisis owing to the “tensions” that have been brewing between the two for quite some time. Things apparently didn’t get off to a smooth start, as the cast reportedly charged a bomb. Add to it, the phony report mentioned that the cold war between Aniston and LeBlanc apparently intensified to such a great deal that the latter was in two minds on his return to the show.

The report also talks about a torrid affair that ensued between the two, while they were filming for the sitcom. The claims, however, have been brushed aside by the reps of both actors. That’s not all. The story drops hints at how the “uneasy” friendship between the two was largely due to Aniston’s “snobby and above it all” ways. The freshly concocted report ends at a rather vague assumption about how a” billion-dollar payday” is on the cards for the cast, depending on how the reunion pans out.

Just as the rumors began to gain momentum, Gossip Cop sprang in action and did the needful—bust the fake report. Things went down south for the publication after LeBlanc’s spokesperson called the article and its content “So dumb”. Coming back to the reported whirlwind romance, there’s again little truth in the rumors as Aniston was seeing Brad Pitt during the time she shot for “Friends”.

Moreover, there’s absolutely no mention of there ever being a dalliance of any sort between LeBlanc and Aniston. They’re both uber-successful so it’s plain absurd for nothing to have ever sprouted in a media daily – if at all they were an item in the past—about their closeness.

Secondly, Jennifer Aniston’s IG is proof that all is well among the co-stars of “Friends”. She debuted on Instagram with a groupie that included LeBlanc and four other main actors. The cast met and had a bash last October and their camaraderie was clearly evidenced in the picture, which she captioned as “ Now we are Instagram friends too.”

Friends Profile photo of "Friends." Friends/Facebook