Jennifer Aniston has been constantly in the news because of speculations that she might be rekindling her romance with Brad Pitt, considering that he’s now divorced from Angelina Jolie. But recent reports about the “Friends” star are not romantic at all as she and ex-husband Justin Theroux might be dragged into investigations over a death that happened four years ago.

Carmel Musgrove’s dead body floated in a lagoon in Bora Bora’s Four Season’s Hotel on Aug. 19, 2015. Musgrove, along with film producer Joel Silver, flew to the French Polynesian island to celebrate Aniston and Theroux’s honeymoon.

Now Musgrove’s family is hell-bent on hearing everyone’s version of the events leading up to her death. This also includes Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s testimonies, even though they already left the island when the tragedy occurred.

“The Musgroves believe the way Jen and Justin left Bora Bora was very intriguing,” a source told The National Enquirer. “Jen and Justin never even sent flowers or condolences.”

Apparently, Aniston will have no choice in the matter. “They want Jen on the witness list because it was her honeymoon and she’s involved whether she likes it or not,” the tipster added.

“I’d be shocked if the Musgroves’ lawyers don’t move heaven and earth to obtain testimony from Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux,” LA-based legal analyst Royal Oakes commented. “Whether or not they left before Carmel died, it’s very possible that they have relevant information,” he added.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux attend The Critics Choice Awards. Getty Images

However, Aniston is reportedly not too keen on the idea of testifying in court. “Jen’s riddled with anxiety
and is in a state of panic over having to testify as a witness,” New Idea quoted an unnamed source. “She’s barely sleeping or eating as she works herself up into a paranoid state and fears things could potentially spiral if the jury or the judge isn’t satisfied with her testimony.”

Meanwhile, Musgrove’s family sued Silver for allegedly contributing to his assistant’s death. However, he has already denied allegations of wrongdoing and countered that it was Musgrove’s own negligence that led to her death. Local authorities say that the victim drowned because of overconsumption of alcohol, as well as consumption of cocaine.