Jennifer Lopez shared a sexy picture of hers on social media to promote her new Spanish song. The official audio of the full song has already been released online on multiple platforms, where the fans can listen to it for free.

Lopez gave a teaser of her new song titled “Baila Conmigo” on her Instagram page.  The picture she shared for the background of the video shows her sitting in a seductive pose and her outfit makes her look nearly naked.

The Instagram post has gathered over 3 million likes as of this writing. Lopez ‘s comments in the post are in Spanish, which appears to be about the importance of music in the singer’s life.

The fans can listen to “Baila Conmigo” on Apply Music, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, and deezer. The full version of the song was released only recently.

Lopez has been busy with work these past few days. She has been promoting her new movie “Hustlers,” in which she plays the stripper Ramona, and she launched a new fragrance “Promise” last week.

“Hustlers” is a film about the strippers who rob Wall Street Bankers by getting them drunk at the club. While the actors in the movie make the pole dancing scenes look effortless in their skimpy g-strings, filming these scenes was actually quite a challenge.

Costume designer Mitchell Travers told Metro recently that they had a major wardrobe malfunction for Lopez when they were filming the first take of her in the g-string. Two of the strings of the bodysuit popped, and the costumes designers team had to rush to the actress to fix the problem on stage, Travers revealed.

There was a lot of nudity in the film because it was mostly about strippers. Travers revealed that the costumes for Lopez were all different for the different settings like the champagne room, locker room and pole dancing.

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez at the Pop Music Festival on 23.06.2012. Ana Carolina Kley Vita/Flickr