Jennifer Lopez is looking forward to showcasing her talent at next year’s Super Bowl. The singer-actress said that she doesn’t have any conflicting feelings regarding her performance even though there’s an ongoing controversy involving Colin Kaepernick.

During her interview with GQ, Lopez said that she understands why some artists have refused to take part in next year’s show. But she and Shakira have agreed to do it because it is their personal decision.

“I feel like it is an amazing platform and one of the biggest in the whole world to put out whatever message that you want to put out there. Whatever message of love I think it is taking a chance to do it,” Lopez said.

Alex Rodriguez’s fiancée also said that it would be great for the Super Bowl to have two Latinas headlining the event because she and Shakira could do a lot of things during their 12 to 14-minute performance. At the end of the day, Lopez is confident that the Super Bowl will be a beautiful celebration.

Three years ago, Kaepernick made headlines after he opted to sit down while the national anthem was being sung at the opening of the 49ers game. Shortly after, the athlete faced backlash for his bold move.

However, Kaepernick stood by his decision to not support a country that oppresses black people. In his statement, he also said that racial injustice is a huge issue that is way beyond football so it would be selfish on his part to ignore the problem. At present, Kaepernick has not been signed to any team in the NFL.

Meanwhile, Remezcla Estaff said that Lopez and Shakira’s involvement with the NFL is regarded as another dangerous tactic employed by the team.

“As a Black Latina, I do not feel like this is worth celebrating,” she said. “To be fair, if any artist, of any demographic, performed the Super Bowl halftime, I still wouldn’t feel like it was a win because it fails to address what really matters,” she added. 

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