Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson rumors emerge after almost 10 years of the couple being apart from each other. The two celebrities met on the set of their 2006 romantic comedy “You, Me And Dupree” and were reportedly linked on and off throughout the succeeding years. 

Hudson is now known to be dating American actor and composer Danny Fujikawa, whom she has a daughter with. Recent reports claim, however, that the world famous actress may not be completely over the past. If the latest gossip is to be believed, the “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” star has been pining over her ex-boyfriend.

According to the American supermarket newspaper National Enquirer, the “Bride Wars” actress approached her close friend Jennifer Lopez for help in patching things up with Wilson. Lopez has worked with the actor in the upcoming movie “Marry Me,” which Hudson wished to ride on in order to apologize to her ex. 

Jennifer Lopez Photo of Jennifer Lopez. Getty Images

The “Wonder” actor made news in 2007 for attempting to commit suicide, which National Enquirer claims is blamed on Hudson. The two celebrities were dating on and off between 2006 to 2008, and the actress wishes to apologize to Wilson for how their relationship ended.

“She knows people still blame her for his suicide attempt, and she’s desperate to make peace,” claimed National Enquirer’s source. “And he hasn’t ever wanted to speak to her!”

The world-acclaimed singer/actress allegedly showed sympathy to her friend’s plight and agreed to assist Hudson in resolving their past issues. “Jen and Owen are starring in a new movie together, so it’s the perfect opportunity for her to help them put the past to rest,” the source continued.

Gossip Cop, a website that “polices” online celebrity gossip, has reason to believe that National Enquirer’s story is a complete fabrication. The celebrity fact-checking website pointed to the the publication and its sister companies’ (Life & Style and OK!) fixation on Hudson’s personal life and debunked rumors about Hudson and her current boyfriend and the pregnancy rumors of the actress.

Moreover, a source close to the situation revealed that the rumors are completely false. Hudson didn’t go to Lopez for help, nor is the actress responsible for Wilson’s suicide attempt. The allegations are completely off base and irresponsible and completely untrue.

Kate Hudson Kate Hudson at the Golden Globe Awards 2016 Red Carpet. Getty Images