Jennifer Lopez is rumored to already be preparing her Oscars speech. The actress is confident that she will win an award after receiving rave reviews for her latest movie, “Hustlers.”

A tabloid recently claimed that Lopez is so sure that she will score an award that she’s already thinking about what she will wear at the awards show. The actress is also figuring out who she will thank in her acceptance speech.

“Sitting in the audience and hearing her name mentioned with other actresses is something’s she’s hoped for since she was a kid,” an unnamed source said. “Of course, she’s J.Lo, so while a nomination is great, everyone knows she wants to win,” the source added.

The unnamed source also talked about Lopez’s 2003 movie “Gigli,” which she costarred with her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck. The insider said that “Gigli” has been dubbed as one of the worst movies of all time, and Lopez definitely wants everyone to forget about it.

But according to rumor-debunking site Gossip Cop, there’s no truth to the claims. In fact, Lopez recently told Access Hollywood that even though the predictions about her getting an award are flattering, she doesn’t want to get her hopes up.

Alex Rodriguez’s fiancée also said that she will start thinking about the possibility of winning once she gets nominated for an award. Gossip Cop said that it’s also very early for Lopez to be writing her acceptance speech since she doesn’t know if she will indeed be nominated at the Oscars.

The publication slammed the tabloid for publishing a fake story about the actress and said that it’s not surprising for them to fabricate claims about Lopez’s career. After all, they have been doing the same thing with Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship.

Two months ago, the tabloid reported that Lopez and Rodriguez are going to have a $17-million wedding at their house in Malibu. But Lopez recently said that they still haven’t made up their mind when it comes to the location of their wedding.

Last year, the same tabloid claimed that Lopez is pregnant with Rodriguez’s baby. This was also proven to be incorrect.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Photo of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Getty Images