Even with a team of professional event organizers and planners, famous performers still encounter mishaps during their shows and will have no choice but to cancel them due to unforeseen circumstances. This happened to Jennifer Lopez’s concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden last month, which had to be canceled due to a massive power outage.

As a result, the singer had to profusely apologize to thousands of concertgoers for the incident via a series of social media posts. But if a recent report is to be believed, Lopez might have found the perfect way to prevent power outages from interfering with her concerts again.

The trick is, according to a British publication, to bring one’s own portable power source. National Enquirer reported that Lopez’s future concerts will henceforth be power outage proof as she’ll be bringing her own generators with her, according to Gossip Cop.

“Now, even an act of God can’t stop J.Lo!” National Enquirer quoted an anonymous source. Lopez was reportedly “frustrated that so many fans had come to see her and the show was cancelled,” which led her to come up with this plan.

Last month, Lopez’ New York concert had to be canceled due to a widespread power outage. “They’re asking everybody to evacuate, very slowly and calmly,” the singer said in a video post on Twitter. “I am obviously heartbroken and devastated ... I love you. I’m so sorry this happened in the middle of our moment.”

Lopez rescheduled the concert two days later. The tickets for the canceled performance were honored and not required to be exchanged for newer ones.

However, Gossip Cop reported that the story about Lopez bringing her own generators in future concerts is simply untrue. While the fact-checking site did not confirm the issue with Lopez’s camp, it provided strong arguments showing that a generator set is actually not the perfect solution.

Firstly, the New York City blackout that occurred on the eve of Lopez’s concert is a very rare occurrence. Thus, it won’t make financial sense to bring along very large and heavy generators for every concert venue in the U.S. for a power outage that is not likely to happen.

Secondly, the power requirement for a concert is enormous. Those massive speakers, special stage equipment for effects, hundreds of spotlights and big background screens have to all be powered up. The electrical load required is too massive, in fact, that there’s probably no portable generator available that can meet a concert’s electrical needs.

Lastly, the singer’s “It’s My Party” tour has an international leg that includes performances in Egypt, Spain, Russia, Israel and Turkey. It’s probably safe to assume that no sane artist would be bringing his or her own generator to all those locations.

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez performs on stage during the 200th 'Wetten dass..?' show at the ISS Dome on October 6, 2012, in Duesseldorf, Germany. Getty Images