Actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, and producer Jennifer Lopez has always been a timeless beauty. While her natural features are to thank, her right-on-point makeup plays a huge role in granting her the coveted glowing look she sports every single day!

And looks like you can have a peek in what goes on in the mind of her master makeup artist Scott Barnes, who has been the go-to expert for Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian West, as well. In a recent chat with Who What Wear, the beauty guru reflected on the makeup mistakes we commit that hamper us from nailing J.Lo’s goddess-like makeup. 

  • So, the first mistake we may be committing is hard contour lines

"Hard contour lines are usually a sign that you are just following a trend and ignoring your own face. When I launched my second book with Kim Kardashian on the cover, who is widely known for contouring, I vocalized then that contour is about accentuating what is already there," Barnes explained. "We tend to copy how others are going about contouring but everyone has a different facial structure and should adhere to that."

  • Not blending your eye shadow

Eyeshadow are meant to accentuate your eye colour, shape, and to make them pop. "Unblended eye shadow is very 1999," he said. “Think of eye shadow as the introduction to your whole look. You want it to be a smooth transition into the exploration of the other colours going on with your outfit and body." So, the best solution here is to always blend your eyeshadow to allow it to fit with the rest of your makeup. 

Jennifer Lopez Global Superstar And Fashion Icon Jennifer Lopez Launches Her New Fragrance PROMISE. Blogs&Things/Flickr

  • One-Size-Fits-All Blush

Every skin type, blessed with different undertones, needs a different shade of blush as well as a particular blush area, whether it is larger or smaller. "If you have a redder hue and you are pounding on a ton of pink blush, it can end up looking messy. Know your skin, and your blush will start looking more natural. And always put the blush more toward the front of your cheeks, not on the sides,” Barnes shared. 

  • Ever placed the highlighter in the hollows of the cheeks?

"Highlighting brings things forward, and shadows make things recede, so I can understand why some might give in to the temptation to pound their cheek hollows with half of their highlighter product. I think the best way to handle hollows of the cheeks is really about choosing the correct contour colour, proper layering, and choosing the correct foundation shade that can lift your hollow area from underneath," Barnes instructed.

  • Applying heavy eye makeup during the day

When it comes to choosing your look during the day, try to avoid heavy eye makeup as its harshness “can pull so much contrast that it actually does you a disservice.”  

“I've been doing makeup for 20 years on and off the camera, so one thing that I always bear in mind is the light. What you thought would play nicely suddenly doesn't. My advice to anyone wanting to wear more dramatic eye makeup during the day is to reject the urge of just choosing a lot of blacks and greys or dark, thick colours. Instead, stick with darker shades of natural tones that match your skin. You'll find that the contrast you were going for is still achievable with practice and experimentation," says Barnes.